Who and why behind the Saucy Affair

Healthy in Disguise, Stunning in Taste, a Feast for your Eyes!


Why the Masquerade Ball Outfit?

I truly believe that dinner should be a delicious, delightful and tantalising performance every time! A little theatricality around the table can really bring families together, and it’s our mission to make it effortlessly easy.

“The Saucy Affair - We’re healthy in disguise… stunning in taste, a feast for your eyes!”.

Personal note: As a working parent, it is easy to get lost in your 2 roles, the dress is ‘ME’ as an individual. Staying in touch with ‘ME’, makes me better at performing my roles.

Meet the Founder


In October 2015, I made the life-changing decision to leave a ten year career in the energy industry, and turn my focus to my young family and personal well-being. Once I’d escaped the stress of the “Commuter Mum” daily cycle, I was able to re-evaluate what I was truly passionate about – great food, cooking, the arts, poetry, but above all a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family.

I was determined to unite these passions in a way that would somehow make a difference, helping the many other parents and career-driven individuals who face the same pressures that I did.

With a dollop of chef’s instinct and a dash of improvisation, I created a range of sauces made from raw ingredients that encapsulate ‘cooking from scratch in a bottle’. I wanted the sauces to make serving healthy, tasty meals almost effortless – perfect for people who, like me, love food and being healthy but lack the time to always cook from scratch.

In February of 2016, I founded the Dressquerade Company, now known as The Saucy Affair - Raw Sauces, and I’ve been pouring my heart into it ever since.

My family is my inspiration, and the higly experienced tasting panel behind the scenes - Teriyaki Malarkey, Cucumber Blunder, and Beetroot Cahoot were inspired by my children, Smokey Cokey for my husband, Fiery Fiasco to meet Mum’s love for heat, and Tarragon Shenanigan for myself, as the first sauce I ever created…

Beetroot Cahoot Raw Sauce

The Saucy Affair Mission

Ultimately, we want to make life easier, tastier, and healthier for people who love great taste, home cooking, and being healthy, but lack time to always cook from scratch. Saving time in the kitchen, gives you more time to enjoy the people and things you love.

The Supporting Cast

Often at our live performances, you’ll see these stars. Their efforts behind the scenes are saucy to the extreme!

Team Bio Picture


Brand Director

I come from an agency background, specialising in global food & beverage brands. At the age of 25 I had a revelation - that a single well-executed dinner party could transform your status from one of the lads to top prospect. I’ve been a foodie ever since!

I was introduced to Tanya, by a mutual friend, when I heard her story and tried the sauces, albeit in their infancy, I simply had to be involved.

I’ve tasted them as they’ve developed, and simultaneously developed the brand to reflect all the goodness, flavour and fun that’s in the bottle! I’m a big fan of the sauces in there raw form!

Viva La Revolution!

Team Bio Picture


Brand Choreographer

I began working on Dressquerade just a few months after Tanya had started the brand, and instantly fell in love with not just the taste of the sauce but the potential of this wonderful, colourful, fun idea.

Tanya, Nick and I have worked together on every aspect of the brand development, the visuals, the language and the packaging. Our mission is to bring Dressquerade to life in a way that stays true to our core values of being naturally healthy, deliciously theatrical and fantastically fun!

I can’t wait to see where we can take this brand,.Our team and the Saucy Affairs are absolutely unstoppable! Watch this space!